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Facilitating the way in which synthetic biology is taught, researched and innovated

Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology:

When the future caught up with us

20 years ago, it was hard to imagine that today we would teach our young students to program computers, build their own robots, or even profit from their own app.

Today we have the opportunity not only to program in the digital world, but we can also create programs that help us control matter.

Like programmers who use zeros and ones, synthetic biologists program using A, T, C, and Gs, our genetic code.


Synthetic biology offers

big opportunities

at the intersection of the sciences of

life, engineering and design.

At Scintia, we work to democratize education in biotechnology and synthetic biology, that is, make it accessible to everyone.

We believe that this effort will help our young people have new tools and skills that they use to solve the problems that affect our country, our region and our world.



Democratize biotechnology


Train more scientists


Make technology accessible


Promote the biotechnology industry